Guides of Preflight Shopping
Review / Modify Orders
Introduction Guidelines of Preorder Review / Modify Orders  
Regulation for exercising pre-flight duty free shopping
  1. Before taking the reserved flight, passenger may pre-order certain duty free items on our website. These items will be delivery and paid upon boarding on the flight.
  2. Before pre-order duty free on our website, you must have a confirmed flight booking and must key-in your computer booking code to identity your flight info.
  3. Pre-order must be made at least 48 hours before departure time of your flight.
  4. Among the shown currencies, only MOP is the flat rate, USD, NTD and RMB can be quoted on the plane.
  5. The price of the prescribed duty free items, their styles and models, their supplementary gifts may deviate from what are actually supplied on board. Those supplied on board and prices are final. Air Macau does not take any responsibility for nor make any prior notification on such discrepancies.
  6. Air Macau accepts the following credit cards for in-flight duty free shopping:
  7. Credit card accepted for purchases up to maximum MOP2500. Maximum 2 credit cards can be used.
  8. Privileges members may enjoy 10% off discount on purchase of in-flight duty free items, platinum members may enjoy 15% discount!
  9. Duty Free Serivce is provided by DFASS Group. Customer Service Hotline:(853)2851-5550;